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Magic Breed Plus

Since 1980 (now 40 years) Magic Breed has been the trusted name for both breeders and horse enthusiasts to help ensure successful foaling. The new Magic Breed Plus builds on this worldwide reputation and brings the Magic Breed design into the 21st century with improved range, battery life and many other new features. Minimise loss of sleep and long hours of supervision around foaling time: the non-invasive transmitter attaches to the halter and detects when the mare has laid in a foaling position. The Magic Breed Plus system is also useful for detecting colic and for monitoring horses after major surgery.

How It Works !

In the weeks before the foal is due, the mare's halter is fitted with the Magic Breed Plus transmitter.

When the mare lays on its side in a foaling position the transmitter wirelessly sends an alert to the receiver.

The Magic Breed Plus receiver begins beeping and will indicate which mare is foaling.

Magic Breed Plus Instructions 


Magic Breed Plus Manual for v1.21

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