Foal Alarm Hire

Can't justify spending $800+ for a foaling alarm knowing that you'll probably use it once ? Or even twice ?

At Widderstein stables we hire out foal alarms made by Magic Breed, Foal Guard and our new Magic Breed Plus model 

Price for hire is $35.00 inc GST per week. We require $75 deposit which is refundable on return. If you require the foal alarm to be posted we charge an extra $30.00 for express postage and insurance. Foal alarms are delivered in a protective padded case for peace of mind.

Magic Breed Plus

Please look at our Magic Breed Plus page here

Magic Breed

The foaling alarm monitor consists of a transmitter which is in a leather pouch attached to the mare's headstall positioned under her neck. The transmitter is activated about 8-10 seconds after the mare lies down to foal and a signal is received on a receiver positioned up to some 400 metres distant. The foaling alarms can be used on any type of horse. If the mare is down briefly and then returns to her normal activities, a built-in delay prevents a false alarm being broadcast.




Foal Guard

Rated for up to 700m with no obstructions or interference, built in 10 second delay.

Please note the above picture incudes an optional extension cable. If you require an extension cable with your hire please ask


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