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Parisol Blackcurrant

Parisol Blackcurrant "Cassis" Shampoo 500 ml

Parisol Tea Tree Oil Shampoo 1000 ml

Parisol Tea Tree Oil Shampoo 1000 ml

Parisol Herbal Shampoo 1000 ml

Available in 1000 ml bottle

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With horse shine

Horse shampoo with natural aroma of sage, thyme and mugwort. Gentle and moisturising for soothing care and cleaning that’s gentle on skin. Mild surfactants and moisturising ingredients preserve the skin’s natural protective layer. Dirt is gently dissolved. Leaves coat, mane and tail smooth, easy to brush and with a silky shine. A little goes a long way.

Directions for use:

Lather into wet coat and then rinse thoroughly with clean water.
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