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Bense & Eicke Bay Oil Express 250 ml

Bense & Eicke Bay Oil Express 250 ml

Bense & Eicke Natural Hoof Oil with brush 500ml

Available in 500 ml bottle

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100% natural hoof care oil with valuable care formula containing nourishing avocado oil as well as antibacterial and antifungal oregano oil. Keeps the hoof horn healthy, elastic and promotes horn stability. The water balance of the hoof remains intact, leaves moisture in the hoof and binds it.
Daily use keeps the hoof healthy, elastic and prevents hoof diseases. Quick help with dry and cracked hooves.


Clean the hoof and apply to the outer hoof wall and the coronet band area using a brush. Daily application protects and cares for the hoof. Shake well before use!


Rapeseed oil, castor oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, almond oil and oregano oil.

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