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Parisol BAG BALM 100ml

Bense & Eicke HairFine

Bense & Eicke HairFine "Soap" 100g

Parisol Brummer Control - 2500ml

Available in 2500ml BottleĀ 

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The extra strong insect repellent for horses.
Highly effective insect repellent spray. Up to 8 hours protection against all horse flies, mosquitos, blackfly and ticks. Highly concentrated material with a special skin and material friendly active ingredient Icaridin (Saltidin Ā®). No dyes and preservatives.

Available in new Parisol professional spray bottle, which is characterized by the fine spray and the quiet spray noise. Efficient application which leads to an economical consumption of the product. Sprays reliably from all positions and is also suitable for spray sensitive horses.

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