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Parisol Brummer Control - 2500ml

Parisol Brummer Control - 2500ml


Bense & Eicke Bag Balm 500ml

Bense & Eicke HairFine "Soap" 100g

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100% natural soap - gently cleans mane, tail and coat. With a valuable care formula of cream quark, olive oil, rosemary oil and lemon water. The long hair becomes clean, shiny and easy to comb - with long-term effect.


Lather into wet hair (soap can also be used in a sack), leave on for a short time, then rinse off thoroughly.


Cocos nucifera oil, Olea eurpaea oil, Brassica napus oil, Carthamus tinctorius oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Aqua, Citrus, LAC, äth. Öl, Limonene

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