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Passion Breeches Sensuel (1803)

Passion Breeches Sensuel (1803)

Passion Breeches Front-Pleated (2004)

Passion Breeches Front-Pleated (2004)

Passion Breeches Front-Pleated (2003)

Passion Breeches Front-Pleated (2003)
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Model front-pleated with seat panel. 

A full seat riding breeches with exceptional quality and detail at a great price. The perfect combination of classic design, comfort and quality.

The new product range is called SKINETIC®, but uses the same superb stretch synthetic seat, lined with velour. So the SKINETIC® breeches have the same qualities which made the RTS factory line so popular: fantastic comfort from the stretch seat, long life from the hard-wearing synthetic material great design and colour choices.

Features include:
- the legendary elastic full seat SKINETIC®
- full seat extends to full length of legs
- seat is lined with plush cotton velour for comfort
- breathable & moisture regulating
- amazing fabric with  stretch in both directions
- suitable for all year round use
- extremely durable
- single zipped pocket
- extremely comfortable
- fantastic fit that now suits virtually everyone
- stunning looks
- beautiful colour

Breeches are available in various trendy colors.

Washable at 30°C (86 F), tumble-drier safe.

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